Small Business

Start-Ups – We were counseling entrepreneurs before it was “in.” The “start-up” has become a trendy term as countless hours and community resources are devoted to promoting, supporting and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. St. Louis is a hot bed of start-ups and we take some credit for that. We have given our time and resources to mentor many new fledgling businesses that started with “just an idea.”

Forming your LLC or corporation is our “wheelhouse.” We understand how to assemble your “partners” divide responsibilities, taxation and division of profits.

We are a proud sponsor of OPO Start-ups

The Growing Business – So, you’re not a “start-up” any more. You’ve “grown up” and you’re getting a semi-regular paycheck. Now what? We know how to help you grow by identifying the legal traps which can stifle your business. What legal risks are barriers to growing your market?

Contracts to Copyrights


Your business is not an island, and neither are your contracts. Your contracts may be your customer’s first experience with you. Will it be a good experience or a scary one? Well written contracts shouldn’t be intimidating … they are just agreements. We believe that simple understandable contracts should be part of your everyday business. Remember that contracts allocate risk. What risks are you taking ? We offer an audit/review of your agreements at no charge.

Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights

Intellectual property protection is a key element successful businesses. You should never overlook or underestimate the value of your intellectual property rights. Protection of your names and logos isn’t automatic. A trademark registration may be critical to that protection. We are happy to conduct a review of your intellectual property rights at no charge.

SBA Lending

Having a Designated SBA 504 Closing Attorney here at InNovare Law, we know SBA loans and how they can work for you. Having closed loans for major lenders we understand how banks assemble their loan documents. We can also assist you in finding an SBA lender. We are not loan brokers, we just offer you the benefit of our experience with various local banks. When you decide to look for outside funding, call us and we’ll meet with you at no charge to review your plans.
We are approved closing counsel for the EDC’s listed below.

We are also on approved counsel lists for a number of area banks. If you are a lender looking for SBA loan closing counsel, we welcome your call.

Certified SBA 504 Loan Closing Attorney

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Employment Issues

As a small business owner you will eventually face an “employment” issue. The laws impacting your employER responsibilities have become a difficult maze to navigate. We can help.

Non-compete agreements may arrive on your desk for many reasons. Maybe it’s your new employee who agreed not to compete with his/her former employer; or maybe you want to protect your business by having certain employees sign a non-compete. Non-compete agreements ARE enforceable and are useful tools. We understand how they work and when best to use them.

Real Estate & Leases

Leases – As a tenant we’ll help you navigate through the complex commercial lease or sublease and the personal guaranty. If you are a building owner, we’ll draft a solid workable lease for you.

Buying A Building – Our experience with SBA 504 loans allows us to help you purchase and finance a building purchase.

Environmental Compliance – environmental “surprises” are avoided with good counsel.

Mortgages – we can create or review mortgage/financing documents and subordination agreements.

Title Insurance Review – title insurance companies are not always your friend – exclusions can be tricky – we’ll review them.

Risk Aversion & Assessment – commercial leases are all about allocating risk …. mostly to the tenant. We’ll help you understand and avoid risks that only experienced attorneys can decipher. If you are a building owner, we’ll help you understand the special risks and liabilities arising from those who use your property.

Estate & Succession Planning

Whether it’s a simple power of attorney, a will or a revocable “living” trust, we’ve been helping area families for over 25 years with estate planning.

When it comes time to sell your business or transition to other family members, we are here to help you organize and execute a plan. We’ve drafted many “buy-sell” agreements as a tool for protecting your ownership interests and providing a roadmap for succession.

We teach estate planning classes for the St. Charles Community College and the St. Charles School District Adult Education program. We’d love to have you join one of our classes.

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Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Certified Exit Planning Advisor