Core Values

Law is what we practice but our values define who we are and the way we work. We believe that it’s not what you sell, but why you are selling it, that matters. If we don’t understand why we are in this business (i.e. our core values) we can’t possibly convince you, our customer, that our talents are worth engaging.

So why are we in the law business? More specifically, why are we dedicated to our small business and estate planning clients?

It’s actually kind of simple – Trust – Protect – Educate

We want you to trust us with your legal challenges. If you don’t trust us, what’s the point? As a business owner you already know that life is about relationships. In our relationships it’s about trust first, everything else second. Which means that we have to earn your confidence and give you reason to trust us with the legal risks you face each day.

We know that protecting you and your business is our only mission. It’s our job to identify your legal risks and reduce or eliminate them. Sometimes this is a simple task, and sometimes it’s a project. In all cases, it’s about keeping your shield of limited liability in tact.

We don’t just solve problems, we explain them. If we don’t educate you about the legal dangers and hazards how will you recognize your risks down the road? Cutting risk isn’t just about the solution, it’s about understanding the cause.

We are probably different than the law firms you’ve experienced in the past; and we are proud to be different. “Different” doesn’t mean off beat or strange. It means clear eyed problem solving based on experience, knowledge, and a project based approach. You won’t hear us talk about “hours” or “time,” because time is not the currency of our success. It’s about the things that really matter to you: understanding the project, how we will accomplish it, what it costs and when we’ll get you there. We’re different because we focus on results.

We’d love to have a shot at earning your trust. We’ll protect you from the lurking gremlins that risk your limited liability and when the smoke clears we’ll explain how we got you there.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

– Benjamim Franklin

Benjamin Franklin