The Growing Business

The Growing Business

The Growing Business – So, you’re not a “start-up” any more. You’ve “grown up” and you’re getting a semi-regular paycheck. Now what? We know how to help you grow by identifying the legal traps which can stifle your business. What legal risks are barriers to growing your market?

Contracts – Your business is not an island, and neither are your contracts. Your contracts may be your customer’s first experience with you. Will it be a good experience or a scary one? Well written contracts shouldn’t be intimidating … they are just agreements. We believe that simple understandable contracts should be part of your everyday business. Remember that contracts allocate risk. What risks are you taking ? We offer an audit/review of your agreements at no charge.

Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights – Intellectual property protection is a key element successful businesses. You should never overlook or underestimate the value of your intellectual property rights. Protection of your names and logos isn’t automatic. A trademark registration may be critical to that protection. We are happy to conduct a review of your intellectual property rights at no charge.

Bankruptcy -Why would we list this as a service if our passion is helping successful businesses? Because you may face a sudden loss of revenue and that means apportioning payments to your creditors. When and how can you do that? We can guide you.

One of your customers filed bankruptcy ? How do you respond? How do you pursue your receivable in the bankruptcy court ? We can guide you.

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