Ever get surprised by an attorney’s fees? Were you ever afraid to call your attorney for fear of a ticking clock?

We focus on the task not the time. We manage people and projects, not hours.

Defining the task, completing it … on time … on budget … for a fixed price … that’s our compass.

Understandable working documents and your SATISFACTION mean more to us than billable hours.

In most cases, we are happy to meet with you or discuss your issues/tasks without a fee. We then determine what needs to be accomplished to solve the issues or complete the task. We then provide you with a description of the work or tasks that we will complete, together with a time line and a fixed fee. It’s that simple … and you won’t ever worry about calling us with questions.

Every project proposal comes with a client satisfaction guarantee. It’s how we define our success and reward our team. It’s a different approach but you’ll love it … and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We welcome your small business projects … large or small. By the way, you won’t have to ask about our hourly rates.