We are proud of our “Innovators” … the attorneys who may serve you or participate in one of your projects. Each of them is dedicated to the InNovare focus, and our core values & culture.

You’ll note that we don’t have “partners” or “associates.” That’s because titles are about ego and that’s not part of our culture & core values. Each attorney or paralegal has talents that contribute to your projects and for us it’s about talent not nobility.

You’ll note that some attorneys carry the designation “of counsel.” This means that he/she is an independent contractor, but still very much a part of the InNovare team. For more details see below.

Here list attorney names and bios …




*What Does Of Counsel Mean?

For you, our client, it means:

Independent Business Person:

An attorney who is “of counsel” to InNovare Law is an independent contractor. This means that he/she is not a co-owner, partner or employee of InNovare Law. He/she is truly an independent businessman/woman with his/her own law practice.

Fees May Be Shared:

An attorney who is “of counsel” is permitted (but not obligated) to share fees with InNovare Law and vice versa.  The “of counsel” attorney and InNovare Law may share the fees that you pay to either of them as they may agree. For this purpose, the attorneys may share fees as if they are co-owners or members of the same law firm.

Conflicts of Interest:

An attorney who is “of counsel” must assure that he/she has no “conflicts” i.e. that he/she will not have any conflict of interest  in working on matters for an InNovare Law client; and similarly, InNovare Law must assure that it has no conflicts with any attorney who has an of counsel relationship with InNovare. Therefore, if you engage either InNovare Law or one of the attorneys who is “of counsel” your matter may not hold any conflict of interest with any InNovare Law client or any client who is then served by an “of counsel” attorney.