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Non-Compete Agreements in Business Sales (Part 3 of 3)

The Contents of a Well Drafted Non-Competition Agreement What Can You(the Employer) Include in a Non-Compete Agreement? Non-competes are often mis-understood and viewed as dreaded creatures designed to punish or put people out of work. But they need not be so fearsome. They can be simple and fair. Remember the purpose is not that complicated. It’s to prevent a former…

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Non-Compete Agreements in Business Sales (Part 2 of 3)

Non-Competes for Employees and Independent Contractors In the first article we talked about non-competes in the sale of a business. In a business sale, the non-compete must be separately purchased, i.e. the person who agrees not to compete must be paid directly for that commitment. But for employees (or independent contractors) no such “purchase” is necessary. In Missouri (as in…

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Non-Compete Agreements in Business Sales (Part 1 of 3)

Ever hear this? “Non-compete agreements are not worth anything.” It astounds me how many people believe this. Because just the opposite is true. Repeat … the opposite is true. Non-compete agreements are commonly used in two contexts: sale of a business (i.e. the seller/owner agrees not to compete after the sale) and for employees and independent contractors. (We’ll cover the…

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